Who Uses EAPs and Why?

In review, most organizations with an effective EAP will experience a positive return on investment in the following areas:

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Companies that use EAPs

Research surveys indicate that 82.3% of companies with more than 1,000 employees have an Employee Assistance Program.

  1. Approximately 88% of the Fortune 500 companies have EAPs.
  2. EAPs help save jobs and money by reducing employee turnover.
  3. Employee Assistance Programs have been shown to increase morale since they focus on helping employees become productive again.
  4. EAPs are preventative. They educate, evaluate, and plan solutions for a wide variety of personal issues helping both employees and their family members resolve issues before they become overwhelming or impact work performance.
  5. Employee Assistance Programs are an effective tool in assisting supervisors to better manage the workplace and troubled employees. EAPs are a proactive way for companies to extend a caring, helping hand while building a more productive workforce.
  6. EAPs provide employees with a valuable resource for helping them cope with a wide variety of issues on and off the job, including alcohol and drug abuse, overall mental well being, marital/relationship issues, child/family issues, stress, dependent care, and more.