Employee Assistance Programs

Connections Inc. proactively teams with management and human resource staff to redirect distracting personal issues away from work and to helping resources.

“I just need to tell you; you guys are the best EAP I have ever been a part of.  When it comes to making referrals formal or not, you guys are awesome. The services you offer are more than I’ve had with other providers.  It’s something I’ve never experienced in my previous HR roles with other EAPs.” Linda Sandberg; Rosenboom Custom, Crafted, Cylinders

We retain the most extensive panel of helping professionals for employees and family members in the EAP service sector.

Focused Employees = Increased Productivity & Lowered Safety Risk

Learn how our employee assistance programs can benefit your company and why other companies have chosen to use employee assistance programs to achieve optimum productivity.

A Recent Employee Comment: “This program was very quick to get me in touch with someone that was able to help me and I appreciate the help I received. This is a great program that is very helpful. Please, keep doing a great job.”

Our Extensive Panel of Expert Employee & Family Consultants Means More Choices from the First Call Forward!

Workplace Productivity is immediately enhanced. From the first call or email contact, the focus is problem-solving. Connections Employee and Family Solutions will redirect personal issues away from work so your organization’s mission has a minimal interruption. Connections Employee and Family Solutions is risk management for the compensation budget and a comprehensive “go-to” resource for any and all employee and family problems.