Connections Service Options

Three Tiers of Assistance Programming include Employee and Family Solutions (EFS), EFS/Behavior Risk Management (BRM)and Employee Assistance Program Plus (EAP+). The following chart shows the benefits of each option.

Three Tiers of Assistance Programming EAP PLUS EFS/BRM EFS
Employee/Dependent Services
In Community Counselors
EAP Assessment per Problem/Incident
Employee and Family Coverage
Dual Network MH & Alcohol/Drug
Telephonic/In-Person Attorney
Consumer Credit Counselors
Elder/Adult Consult/Care/Find
Child Consult and Care/Find
Special Needs Child Consult
Adoption Info/Referral
Pre-Natal Support
Summer Child Care
Web-Based Resources
24-Hour Toll-Free Hotline
Transition to Medical Coverage
On-Site Critical Incident Response (CIR)
Employee Awareness Media
Quarterly Utilization Report
Optional Brief Therapy Extension
Optional Brief Therapy Extension 3 + 7
Leadership Training & Consultation
Supervisory Web Resources
24/7 Behavioral Crisis Management Support
30% Discount for Extended Consults
On-Going Leadership Orientation via Web
Employee Relations Consultation
Case Related Policy Review
Performance and Referral Memo Editing
Step-by-Step Manager Referral Support
Monthly Supervisor Email/Print Brief
EAP Referral Template
Leadership Orientation Classroom – 4 hours
Leadership Development Continuing Education