Employee Testimonials

Following are comments gleaned from Connections Inc. EAP user surveys.


  • I’m very grateful for the help I received with my family situation through my EAP.
  • The Counselor was very good at putting the family issues into perspective, and coming up with a  strategy to deal with the issues. She was right in her assessment of things.
  • The service provided was for dependent child…we have seen positive results in behavior.
  • Initial call was helpful and had initial evaluation within the same day of calling. (Impressed and found very helpful.
  • Thanks for the program. Very helpful. Hopefully saved my marriage and brought me closer to my family. Thanks!
  • My child counseled with Mr. _______ for four sessions. Our family found this beneficial and connected well with Mr. ______. Thank you
  • I was so glad I did the 3 sessions. It helped me understand a lot and come to grips with my family. Thanks!



  • I am thankful for EAP and the help that was given was effective, establishing a relationship with a counselor who I’ll continue to use as needed. Thank you!
  • Thank you for your help. It was a good and needed experience.
  • EAP is awesome – it allowed me to talk with someone, get things off my chest…(respected) my Christian beliefs which I hold dearly.
  • This program was very quick to get me in touch with someone that was able to help me and I appreciate the help I received. This is a great program that is very helpful. Please, keep doing a great job.


  • I was looking for legal assistance in another state. Although it took a little longer time, I was satisfied with the reconciliation and discount.
  • I utilized this service for legal aid, the attorney was very  nice and reassuring, gave good advice.
  • (I) was needing legal advice…your service has been a great help so far. Thanks


  • Thank you for providing this service. We believe EAP helped us turn a corner towards emotional healing after my brother’s death.
  • Great Service, Thanks


  • …my experience with Connections was very good.
  • Thank You EAP!


  • We have received very positive feedback since offering Connections EAP.
  • I worked for a company with EAP before, but never knew this much about EAP as a manager tool.
  • We get great education on an ongoing basis.
  • The training regarding completing a written EAP referral was invaluable. I appreciated the insights about disciplinary action or EAP referral done together or separately.
  • Good Tips…for documentation…also for being careful of the words you say in informal/formal conversation