Leadership Testimonials

“I just need to tell you; you guys are the best EAP I have ever been a part of.  When it comes to making referrals formal or not, you guys are awesome. The services you offer are more than I’ve had with other providers.  It’s something I’ve never experienced in my previous HR roles with other EAPs.”

Linda Sandberg

“Connections, Inc. is a valued extension of our team. What they provide is more than “just” a typical EAP – it’s a robust benefit that HR team members, management staff, and employees can rely on as a trusted, confidential resource. Beyond the standard offerings, they provide real-world expertise and consultation that is critical and rare to find. Matt’s background in HR is extremely beneficial and they don’t hesitate to help customers deal with complex employee issues. I highly recommend Connections, Inc.!”

Nancy Hamak

“Connections staff,

Today we were able to help a staff member who witnessed a tragic event get an appointment on the same day we called. Last week, Andy was able to help us with an immediate need. The week before, Matt helped me and a manager with an employee situation.

I just want to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate having you all available when we need you!”

Ann Fitzpatrick

“In short, the drug/alcohol training has had the most benefit for us as managers, and first line supervisors. It has allowed us to be more proactive in handling situations, including an employee’s personal issues with use/abuse of alcohol and drugs. Connections Inc. EAP has provided the support allowing us to increase the effectiveness of our response to absenteeism, counter-productive work relationships, and how to handle consequent emotional issues at work.

The ability to refer employees troubled by addictions, along with others who have personal issues outside of work, allow managers/supervisors to focus on work issues, and not confuse our role with issues outside of the employers control. In the end, we would hope that this assistance supports an employee in a difficult time and enhances future career opportunities.Thanks.”

Loy B. Van’t Hul