Why Connections?

Connections EAP is a visible, proactive, engaging and comprehensive Employee Assistance Program with the highest level of customer service in the industry.  Our mission is to provide holistic assistance products and services that support optimum productivity, team-work, and healthy community in your organization.


From first contact, our focus is problem solving. With an extensive network of qualified helping professionals throughout the U.S. and Canada, we work with you to redirect distracting personal issues away from the workplace to professional helping resources.  Below we highlight a few of the many reasons why Connections is a premier EAP provider.

  • Connections offers Multiple Levels of Service to best meet the needs of your organization.  We are a comprehensive “go to” resource for any and all employee and family problems.
  • Local in-person services are offered on a Per Incident, Per Year Basis vs maximum hours.  Take a look at the example below to see the advantage.

Joe is employed at an organization that offers a 6 session plan through Connections EAP and he is seeking assistance for some recent anxiety issues.  When Joe calls Connections, he is authorized for 6 in-person sessions with a licensed mental health professional in his area at no cost to him.  Later that same year, Joe experiences a tragic loss and is looking for some grief counseling.  Joe calls Connections EAP and is authorized for an additional 6 sessions at no cost to him.  This is true not only for himself, but for his spouse and dependents as well.

  • Connections offers Critical Incident Response services at NO EXTRA COST.  Many EAPs offer Critical Incident Response at an additional cost for work-site trauma.

We would love the chance to partner with your organization and offer a NO OBLIGATION QUOTE for services.  Contact us today for more information at 1-800-779-6125 or email us at [email protected]