Leadership Development Seminar 2021

Title: Difficult Conversations

Purpose Statement:

Conflict is inevitable in life, and conflict in the workforce is no different.  This year’s training will focus on having difficult, but necessary, conversations with employees.  We will look at  healthy problem-solving and conflict resolution techniques and skills.  We will also discuss strategies for successful communication in the backdrop of the challenges that COVID has placed upon businesses and leaders.


  1. Identify why difficult conversations are often avoided
  2. Review common pitfalls to avoid when having difficult conversations
  3. Develop skills to change our mindset from a negative to a positive in regard to challenging conversations
  4. Explore ways to become more adept at having these conversations, specifically in challenging situations such as remote working environments
  5. Articulate how to create solutions and problem-solve to create a healthier work environment
  6. Identify healthy conflict resolution techniques and how to initiate these
  7. Identify work performance problems and issues surrounding addictions


  1. What are some of the reasons why difficult workplace conversations are avoided?
  2. What are the potential consequences of having these types of conversations?
  3. Common pitfalls to avoid when having difficult conversations
  4. Skills necessary for having these conversations, specifically addressing some of the unique challenges of the past year
  5. How to work with an employee to create and problem-solve solutions
  6. Conflict resolution skills and effectively initiating these in the workplace
  7. Identify work performance problems and issues surrounding a variety of addictions
  8. EAP Referral

Continuing Education credit: The half-day annual regional seminar will include 2.5 clock hours of training. Should you wish to use this training for professional continuing education please arrange such with your local community college or other credentialed continuing education provider. The program description, vita, and schedule are provided in a standard continuing education format for your convenience.

Pre-registration: We need to be sure our conference rooms are large enough so pre-registration is required. You may e-mail Joy – (joy@connectionseap.com) with the number from your organization or by calling our office at: 800-779-6125 or 712-476-2889, fax to 712-476-2464, or Register Online Now.
General public registration is $94.95 per person.
Connections Employee and Family Solutions (EFS, EFS-BRM) 30% discount registration is $65.00.
Feel free to share information for registration with colleagues at SHRM meetings or other employers who are not currently in the Connections family of employee assistance programs.